Cairns is the hub city for the FNQ (Far North Queensland) area of Australia, located just South of the perhaps better known town of Port Douglas, which in turn is just South of the Daintree area. All are located on the coast with access to the Great Barrier Reef to the East.

And perhaps even less known is the area to the West commonly termed the Atherton Tablelands which provides its own unique experience for travelers within easy reach of Cairns.

There are four access roads to the Tablelands providing the opportunity to make circular day (or preferably longer) trips to the South and the North of Cairns as well as a circular trip on the Tablelands itself. A further circular trip to the North includes the Daintree area and Cooktown.

These four touring apps may be selected above to assist the tourist to both plan a visit to FNQ as well as actually navigate the routes using a mobile device, complete with Sat Nav, Flyovers, Maps, Information, Elevations and Panoramas.