Google has recently added Trekker (camera on a backpack) to the familiar Streetview (camera on a car/trike) to allow Panos to be recorded in far more places and in this case we do have several Trekker panos (144 to 150 in Section 12) on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path (see Web Site for full Path).

Once a panorama has been selected from one of the 152 Thumbnails in Frame 3 it can be rotated in all directions and zoomed in/out, or forward/backwards. Then if you wish to know more about a particular location you can elect to view the Google Map for that location and search for local attractions and services to assist with trip planning or on location using a smartphone etc.

Once at Google Maps you will find that these panoramas are taken about every 50 meters so we selected one every mile or so as "Entry Points" to provide a type of "shortcut" to specific locations. Once there, you may take as long as you wish to examine the location or look at other panoramas in between the Entry Points.

It is pure coincidence that our 152 Thumbs almost exactly reflect Ogilby's 156 "Milestones", but further proof that Ogilby's genius in devising his logical and informational layout of his stripmaps has survived the digital age with flying colours.

... and Select "About SatNav".


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