After ENTERING the App there are FIVE Frames to scroll. A typical screenshot is shown on the left, reduced to 30%.

In Frame 1 Select your choice of North or South MAPS. In the example North is selected

In Frame 2 Select one of the SIX SECTIONS. In the example Section 1 is selected.

In Frame 3 the Ogilby Map 1 is split into two, starting at Top Left and Thumbs are embedded to allow the user to select Panoramas and Elevation which appear in Frame 4 and SatNav Helpers for the chosen Section for either Walking or Car (appears in a New Tab).

In Frame 4 you may view the Panorama or Elevation selected in Frame 3. The route shown above the Elevation trace is our "best guess" in our interpretation of the Ogilby Map.

Frame 5 contains the Southbound Flyover as default and the direction of the Flyover can be toggled in Frame 3 top left or bottom right. By adding the extra Frame 5 the Elevation and Flyover can be viewed concurrently.

... and Select "About Fly-Overs".


Press to go to the Web-App.