There are two formats for viewing "slideshows" of selected Google 360 degree Panoramas in SlowWeb Apps but presently only one is used for this app. The other can be added if someone puts up their hand to "own" this app.

1. A purpose designed Slideshow

2. The Slideshow contained in the Google Sat Nav

So to give you the overall picture of what is possible, here are the two methods as described for the Cotswolds-on-the-Foot app.

1. The Purpose Designed Slideshow

The image above shows 5 Cotswold Way Walks, each with 18 Pano Thumbs (the same Thumbs that appear on the Map) which you can select to appear as full size panoramas in the frame below. You can step through the 18 Panos to get a very good pictorial idea of the particulars of the walk, or "break-out" at any stage to examine an area in more detail.

2. The Slideshow of Sat Nav

Secondly, by using the SatNav route (see above) there is an option to examine "DETAILS" (rather than "Send directions to your phone"). Once selected the system steps through the same "turn by turn" instructions sent to your phone and in some cases shows you a small image (marked as Street View) from the Pano at the turn (5 in this case).

The image above shows the second of these instructions and this one reads (on the Left) "Slight left to stay on Cotswold Way" and a Blue Arrow is shown on the Map on the Right.

You can either keep stepping on the Left or click on the Street View Image to "break-out" to a split screen as shown below.

Now you can Select any Pano you wish along the Blue Dots or use the Arrows etc in the upper section to advance along the route or examine in more detail.

We all know that one can get to a similar "Split Screen" directly in Google Maps but please be warned of "the needle in the blue haystack" issue mentioned above that even if you can find a part of the Cotswold Way and are viewing a Pano in the upper part, the lower part will show ALL paths as the SAME blue line and the Streetviews will smother the Trekkers in most cases.

So the Blue Dots of the SatNav route provide a very good reason for including SatNav in an app to use at the Planning Stage, even if there is a problem with "coverage on the trail".

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